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Teaching concept

The basic objective of our teaching is to equip students with a profound and scientifically grounded marketing education. After successful participation in our program, students are able to manage complex decision situations in marketing. They are expected to identify and analyze opportunities as well as risks and, in reply, develop suitable strategic plans. Furthermore, they are enabled to adequately plan, implement, evaluate and support marketing activities via communication activities. In addition, we emphasize the teaching of concepts and methods for gathering and analyzing information about market participants as a key foundation for marketing decisions. This primarily includes a profound education in quantitative methods and models of market(ing) research. Furthermore, our teaching emphasizes approaches that allow managers to quantify the success of marketing activities through marketing metrics in terms of a comprehensive marketing controlling. This field of “return on marketing” has recently gained increasing attention in marketing research and is of crucial interest to business practice. A commitment to excellence, an international focus and the integration of state-of-the-art research results while considering their practical relevance are the guiding principles of our teaching concept.

Teaching focus

Built upon the basic courses Marketing and Marketing Management, the lectures especially deal with measurement, analysis, use and control of intangible assets as primary drivers of firm value. The teaching program also includes continuous supervision of seminar papers, bachelor and master theses, accompanied by regular colloquia. The seminar papers are often assigned to a global topic (e.g., Return on marketing, Geomarketing or web analytics) and incorporate both theory- and practice-oriented tasks (usually in cooperation with partners from business practice).

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