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Google Digital Garage - Collect 5 additional points for the MPM exam!

11.04.2019 -

In this summer semester, all students who want to take the Marketing Performance Management exam (regularly offered in the winter semester) have the opportunity to secure the five bonus points by participating in the "Google Digital Garage" for the first time!

All you have to do is to participate under the link https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage, watch all videos and answer all questions - at the end you will receive a certificate, which has to be submitted by 20.06.2019. If you have already taken part in the Digital Garage in the winter semester, but were unable to complete the exam, you will receive the bonus points at no extra cost for a new attempt in this summer semester.

You can download all important information in one place right here.

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WDR 5 Quarks: Künstlicher Duft für wohlriechende Züge?

09.04.2019 -

Marketing scientists have been working with fragrance designers to find out whether artificial fragrances make rail travel more enjoyable. They do, according to the scientists from Magdeburg. Would manipulation be desirable?

Prof. Dr. Sarstedt addresses this aswell as the increasing importance of fragrances in industry in a five-minute contribution to the WDR show Quarks. You can listen to the article in the Mediathek des WDR or directly here.

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Rearrangement regarding the 2nd Marketing Methods & Analysis lecture

28.03.2019 -

The Chair of Marketing would like to inform you that the second lecture of the course Marketing Methods & Analysis (MMA) will be moved from Tuesday, 09.04.2019 to Monday, 08.04.2019 at 17:00 - 18:30, G16-H5.

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Exam Inspection

21.03.2019 -

The post-exam review for Marketing (41021), Marketing Methods & Analysis (20566/50566), Marketing Performance Management (41058) and Advanced Marketing Research (21163) will take place on April 5th, 2019, 08:00 am to 09:00 am in room G22A-210.

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Exakt Die Story zu Kaffeefahrten

11.03.2019 -

Especially older people are susceptible to dubious offers on so-called coffee trips, where suppliers use legal grey areas and legal loopholes to sell their mostly inferior products. "Exakt - Die Story" on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, at 8.45 p.m. on MDR television gives an insight into the machinations of the coffee drive industry. Prof. Sarstedt discusses the sales tactics of the coffee trip providers as part of the reportage. The article can be viewed here via Youtube.

Information about the programme:


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Paper published in Multivariate Behavioral Research

06.03.2019 -

We’re happy to announce that the paper titled “Factor Indeterminacy as Metrological Uncertainty: Implications for Advancing Psychological Measurement,” authored by Edward E. Rigdon (Georgia State University), Jan-Michael Becker (University of Cologne), and Marko Sarstedt has been published in Multivariate Behavioral Research, one of the world’s leading journals in statistics and measurement. In this paper, the authors introduce the concept of metrological uncertainty to psychometrics and argue that factor indeterminacy is a form of uncertainty in measurement. Based on their findings, the authors conclude that factor indeterminacy fundamentally threatens the validity of psychometric measurement, because it blurs the linkage between a common factor and the conceptual variable that the factor represents.

For further information:


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New Latest Thinking Video: Which Metrics Perform Best in PLS Mode Comparisons?

12.02.2019 -

The chair of marketing is happy to share the newest video from Latest Thinking on model selection in PLS-SEM with you. In this video, Marko Sarstedt discusses the forthcoming Journal of the Association for Information Systems paper titled "PLS-Based Model Selection: The Role of Alternative Explanations in Information Systems Research" that he co-authored with Pratyush Nidhi Sharma, Galit Shmueli, Kevin H. Kim, and Kai O. Thiele. Enjoy watching!

Sarstedt LT

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Prof. Dr. Sarstedt receives award in the German journal WirtschaftsWoche

18.01.2019 -

After being awarded the Otto-von-Guericke University Research Prize and being included in the list of the world's most influential researchers, the Chair of Marketing, along with Prof. Dr. Sarstedt, is now happy to present a commendation in the German journal WirtschaftsWoche.

Prof. Dr. Sarstedt is listed in the magazine's exclusive economist ranking as the 25th most research-oriented business economist under the age of 40.

The article retrieved from WiWo Nr.4 (18.01.2019) can be viewed here (german language).


Ranking WiWo Sarstedt

          Source: https://www.wiwo.de/my/erfolg/hochschule/oekonomen-ranking-das-sind-die-besten-forscher-in-der-bwl/23873652.html?ticket=ST-172407-AbBJTBUDJvWInW4wOKEp-ap6

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