Invitation to the research colloquium of Nicholas P. Danks on 18.11.2019

14.11.2019 -  

The Chair of Marketing invites all interested persons to the research colloquium of Nicholas P. Danks (MBA, PhD Candidate at Institute of Service Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan). The topic of the colloquium is:

"Leveraging Prediction for Theory Development in Construct-based Models: Predictive Deviants and Their Impact"
The presentation will take place on Monday, 18.11.2019 from 02:00 to 04:00 pm. The location of the event will be G22A-225. You may also read the abstract here for a thematic introduction:


Construct-based modeling research has seen a flurry of efforts to integrate predictive analytics into this traditionally inferential approach. However, there is still confusion about how prediction can be applied to refine theory and integrate with existing inferential methods. This article clarifies this confusion and proposes a mixed-methods, explanatory-predictive framework that: (1) gauges predictive performance of focal constructs, (2) identifies individual cases that might exacerbate overfit and structural relations that may not generalize well out-of-sample, and (3) guides qualitative analysis to explore the deeper reasons for such conflicts. Along the way, we solve several methodological hurdles that prevent straightforward integration of predictive and inferential mechanics involved in our framework. We demonstrate the practical utility of our proposed analytical framework on a typical technology adoption model but in a new context, to show how new insights might be discovered and reported using our analytic framework.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the research colloquium!

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