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Research activity

A distinguishing characteristic of the Chair is its quantitative orientation and emphasis on fundamental research in the fields of research methodology and measurement. This ensures the application of the most recent theoretical concepts and methods in both academic and business-sponsored research projects. Major emphasis is placed on building and maintaining collaborative links with external academic, professional and industrial partners. The Chair’s research capabilities are reflected in:

Forschungsschwerpunkte Research Methodology Data Quality Branding Consumer Insight

Research Methodology

With the increasing need to understand the perceptions and behaviors of consumers, so has the need to advance the methodological toolkit to explore corresponding effects. The field Research Methodology deals with the evaluation of existing and development of new techniques to model relationships between concepts which are not directly observed and which therefore may not have one clear empirical expression. Special research interest is geared toward Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM), which has gained vast prominence in business research and practice. Specifically, recent studies deal with the use of PLS-SEM in different disciplines (e.g., marketing, strategic management, and management information systems) and the development of methods to treat (unobserved) heterogeneity.

Selected publications on research methodology:

Data Quality

Following the notion that any analysis can only be as good as the data it is based on, the research field Data Quality explores fundamental issues in the measurement of consumer attitudes and intentions. Areas of interest include the comparison of multi and single-item measures for measuring unobservable phenomena such as attitudes toward advertisements and brands, purchase intentions or customer satisfaction. Other projects deal with theoretical and empirical comparisons of existing measurement approaches, for instance corporate reputation or time perception.

Selected publications on data quality:

Consumer Insights

Customers are at the heart of marketing. However, engaging in customer orientation requires managers to develop a thorough understanding of customers’ varying needs and wants. Studies in the research field Consumer Insights aim at generating knowledge about customers, their preferences the mechanisms that trigger certain behaviors. Special attention is paid to an analysis of the influence of product alternatives to purchasing decisions (context effects).

Selected publications on consumer insights:


In looking for sources of unique and imperfectly imitable competitive advantage, both researchers and practitioners have over the last decade turned their focus to the examination of intangible assets. Brands are one of the most important intangible assets, playing a crucial role in terms of firms’ propensity to influence important stakeholder groups, such as financial analysts, employees, and customers. The research field Branding deals with the levers of a successful brand management on both the product/service as well as the corporate level. Recent research projects deal with evaluating the effect of sponsorship activities on corporate reputation and examining the differentiated effects of reputation drivers across (latent) consumer segments.

Selected publications on branding:

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