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Stellenausschreibung: Wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter(in) am Lehrstuhl für Marketing

18.05.2017 -

Am Lehrstuhl für Marketing ist eine Stelle als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter zu vergeben. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier!


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New Book on PLS-SEM Released!

12.05.2017 -

We’re happy to announce the release of the book Advanced Issues in Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling. Written by Joe F. Hair (University of South Alabama), Marko Sarstedt (OvGU), Christian M. Ringle (TU Hamburg-Harburg) and Siegfried P. Gudergan (University of Newcastle), easy-to-understand, practical guide covers advanced content on PLS-SEM to help students and researchers apply techniques to research problems and accurately interpret results. The book provides a brief overview of basic concepts before moving to the more advanced material. Offering extensive examples on SmartPLS 3 software (www.smartpls.com) and accompanied by free downloadable data sets, the book emphasizes that any advanced PLS-SEM approach should be carefully applied to ensure that it fits the appropriate research context and the data characteristics that underpin the research. For more information, please visit: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/advanced-issues-in-partial-least-squares-structural-equation-modeling/book243803


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New Conceptual Paper on PLS-SEM

26.04.2017 -

The paper “On Comparing Results from CB-SEM and PLS-SEM: Five Perspectives and Five Recommendations,” authored by Edward E. Rigdon (Georgia State University), Christian M. Ringle (TU Hamburg-Harburg) and Marko Sarstedt has been accepted for publication in Marketing ZFP – Journal of Research and Management. In this conceptual article, the authors argue that the comparison of results from covariance-based structural equation modeling and partial least squares structural equation modeling – despite considerable research interest – is misleading and misguided, capable of generating both false confidence and false concern. Instead of seeking confidence in the comparison of results across methods, which differ in their specific requirements, computational procedures, and imposed constraints on the model, researchers should focus on more fundamental aspects of research design. Based on our discussion, we derive recommendations for applied research using structural equation modeling.

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Victor Schliwa has been invited to the 2017 Summer AMA Conference

25.04.2017 -

Victor Schliwa has been invited to present his research titled “Product popularity as moderator of unavailability effects under extremeness aversion” at the poster session of the 2017 Summer AMA Conference held in San Francisco (USA) in August 2017.

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Ausfall Marketing Übung 28.04.2017

24.04.2017 -

Liebe Studierende,

die Übung zur Vorlesung "Marketing" wird am Freitag dieser Woche (28.04.2017) ausfallen.
Grund hierfür ist der Gastvortrag während der Übung am Donnerstag, 27.04.2017.

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Gastvortrag Schuberth Holding GmbH

21.04.2017 -

Der Lehrstuhl für Marketing lädt alle Interessenten zum Gastvortrag ein:

Am 27.04.2017
um 11:15 Uhr
im Gebäude 26-Hörsaal 1

Zu Gast sein wird Wirtschaftsjunior Jan-Christian Becker, CEO der SCHUBERTH Holding GmbH, Magdeburg.
Das Thema seines Vortrages lautet: „Corporate Identity & Design als Teil einer erfolgreichen Wachstumsstrategie“

Weitere Informationen zum Vortrag und zu Jan-Christian Becker finden Sie hier.

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Vortrag Dr. Erik Mooi

18.04.2017 -

Der Lehrstuhl für Marketing freut sich, einen interessanten Vortrag im Rahmen des Forschungskolloquiums anzukündigen. Zu Gast wird Dr. Erik Mooi sein und das Thema seines Vortrages lautet „Monitoring and Repeated Contracting: Stock Market Reactions to Technology Licensing Contracts”.

Der Vortrag findet statt:

Am 20.04.2017 um 14:00 Uhr
im Fakultatszentrum (Gebäude 22, Raum A-225).

Im Anschluss an seinen Vortrag bietet Dr. Mooi eine Sprechstunde zum Thema im Fakultätszentrum an.

Zur Person:
Dr. Erik Mooi ist Dozent für Marketing an der Universität Melbourne. Seine Forschung konzentriert sich auf die Bereiche Businessmarketing, inklusive der Themen Vertragsabschlüsse, Technologielizenzierung und Franchising. Er publizierte bereits im Journal of Marketing, dem International Journal of Research in Marketing, dem Journal of Business Research und anderen. Dr  Mooi und Professor Sarstedt sind die Autoren von A Concise Guide to Market Research.

Mehr Informationen über den Vortrag erhalten Sie hier. Um mehr über Dr. Mooi zu erfahren, klicken Sie hier.


The chair of Marketing invites you to a guest lecture of Erik Mooi. The topic is „Monitoring and Repeated Contracting: Stock Market Reactions to Technology Licensing Contracts”.

When? 20/04/17 at 2:00 pm
Where? Building 22, room A-225 (Fakultätszentrum)

After his lecture, Dr. Mooi provides an office hour to the topic (building 22, room A-225).

Dr. Erik Mooi is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Melbourne. His research interests focus on business marketing including topics such as inter-firm contracting, technology licensing, and franchising. He has published his research in the Journal of Marketing, the International Journal of Research in marketing, The Journal of Business Research and others. He and Professor Sarstedt are the authors of A Concise Guide to Market Research.

For more information about the lecture click here and to get further facts about Dr. Mooi please click here.

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Erste Übung/ First tutorial in "Marketing"

06.04.2017 -

Die erste Übung der Veranstaltung "Marketing" findet am 20.04.2017 statt.

The first tutorial in "Marketing" will take place on April 20th, 2017.

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